Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get Organized

CHADD Meeting, March 17th 2013

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Adult session speaker Birdie Brennan

Certified Professional Organizer
National Association or Organizers

  • Being organized saves you time and money.  
  • Give yourself a structured routine.   
  • Plan and stay on task.  
  • Plan only 50% of each day to start.  Then gradually add more, or subtract depending on your success.
  • You also need to schedule time to relax
  • Schedule your priorities, don't prioritize your schedule.

Birdie mentioned a book by author Julie Morgenstern, titled Organizing From The Inside Out

Organizing Paper:

  • The number one problem in organizing is paper
  • How does it come into the house?
  • Wherever you put your mail, setup a mail center.  But before you start, define your categories.
  • Each category should have no more than 20 pieces of paper.  If it does, create a new category.
  • 80% of the paper you save typically never gets looked again.
  • Staple purchase receipts to instruction manuals

Organize your tasks:

  • Starting a new project can be the hardest thing.  Just start with one baby step.
  • Set a 20 minute timer for 30 minute tasks.  When the time goes off, you know you have 10 minutes to finish.  Or if you get off track the timer will remind you of what you should be doing.
  • Set a time frame.  Try to avoid interruptions.  An interruption takes you off task and it can take 27 to 30 minutes to get back on task.

Organize your time:

  • You really don't have time not to plan your time. Give yourself small rewards for planning.  Schedule the small action steps for big things.  If something takes 2 or more steps, it is a project.  Remember the feeling when you finish something.

Organize your media

Birdie mentioned another author, Peter Walsh, and his book It’s All Too Much

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Connect, the Power of Human Relationship

CHADD Meeting

February 17th, 2013

February's adult CHADD presentation was centered around the video by Dr. Edward Hallowell,
Connect: The Power of Human Relationship.

Notes from the session:

As we have connected electronically, we have disconnected inter-personally.  We are available via technology all the time, but it can be hard to really connect with people.  It can take a lot of energy to make a real connection with others because we are either too busy or too tired.  As cities get larger and over stimulated, people screen out input and therefore can come across as cold and impersonal.

We disconnect because we are overwhelmed with stimuli.  People want to respond to connections, but life gets in the way.

Dr. Hallowell mentions Lisa Berkman's book: Health and Ways of Living: The Alameda County Study
Connection with others can make you feel safe.  If your child feels connected at home or at school, he or she will mentally and physically fell safe from trouble.  This in turn affects the immune system in a positive way.

See excerpt from book below...

We (USA) spend 130 more hours at work per year than we did 30 years ago.

Connecting with people can be difficult.  It takes work.  There is fear of rejection and wasted time spent and fear of responsibility.  However, if you do not work it into your life on purpose it will not happen.  See article The Human Moment at Work.

Dr Hallowell mentioned another book, How Rude, by Alex Packer.  However, I do not remember why he mentioned it

  1. Connect with the family you grow up with as a child - Show forgiveness for resolution
  2. Connect with the family you acquired (as an adult)
  3. Connect with friends and community
  4. Connect to work - Sense of mission
  5. Connect to beauty - Stop and smell the roses
  6. Connect to pets - Easy to be affectionate and emotional
  7. Connect to places
  8. Connect to your past
  9. Connect to information and ideas
  10. Connect to institutions and organizations
  11. Connect to which is beyond knowledge - Religion, greater purpose
  12. Connect to yourself - Be genuine, be who you are